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Articles on the logistics of code club

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How to Help Foster Repeat Attendance

We've heard you loud and clear. Repeat attendance is a really important statistic for you. It indicates that people are engaged in learning. And that's what we all want! Luke's got a couple really good ideas. Watch the video below, or read the recap beneath it.  ...

What apps can I use on an iPad?

Do you have some iPads at your disposal? Want to make good use of them at code club? That's what we like to hear! I've got some excellent app recommendations for you. Scratch Jr. Scratch Jr. is another product from the wonderful team at MIT that brought us Scratch. It...

How to Reset a Coder’s Password

Kids have a lot of things to remember, i.e. multiplication tables, what they brought for lunch, what sport they want to play at recess. Passwords rarely make it to the top of their priority list. But we weren't born yesterday. We built a really easy way for...

How to Find a Coder’s Username

Forgetting a password is one thing, but coders will sometimes forget their username. Thankfully, we've built in a way for you to look up their username quickly and easily. Watch the video, or follow the steps below to learn how to find a coder's username. Step 1: Log...

Help! My Attendance Report is Wrong!

We're still ironing on the kinks around here. Early on, we heard you ask for the ability to track attendance, and we built it! Shortly after, the phone calls started coming in from facilitators confused that their report showed different numbers than what they...

How to Reset an Admin Password

A short step by step tutorial on how to reset a admin password when you forget it. Step 1 Navigate to Step 2 Click "Forgot password?" Step 3 In this screen, enter the email address that has been set up as an admin account. Step 4 Check your...


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